Best Singapore Citizenhip Application Guide [2022]

Table of Contents

How To Apply For Singapore Citizenship

The Singapore Citizenship application can be a very complicated and tedious process if you are not familiar with it. 

This guide will take you through each step of the process and tell you exactly what to expect.

After reading this guide, you will have a much better understanding of the requirements, timeline and process of applying for your Singapore citizenship.

1. Check Eligibility

First of all, are you eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship?

Here is the list of people who are eligible to apply:

  • If your age is at least 21 years and you have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) for a minimum of 2 years
  • You are the spouse of a Singapore Citizen, being a Singapore PR and married for at least 2 years
  • You are a child of a Singapore citizen, born outside of Singapore
  • You are a PR student in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for over 3 years; and passed a minimum of 1 national examination
  • You are a PR and an Aged Parent of a Singapore Citizen

Apart from the above criteria, here are some factors which will be taken into consideration for your Singapore citizenship application:

  • Your history and track record in Singapore as a Permanent Resident
  • Investment in Singapore – both financially and socially 
  • Criminal records
  • Ability to contribute to Singapore and your family as a whole
  • Ties to Singaporeans and Singapore itself
  • Personal and professional qualifications

2. Preparation of Required Documents

If you are eligible, you will need to prepare and ensure that you have both the original and a photocopied set of your required documents. 

You can download the necessary application forms in the links below:

You will need to prepare the documents listed below:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage and/or divorce certificates
  • Death certificate of ex-spouse (if application)
  • Child custody papers with regard to previous marriages (if any)
  • Education certificates / Professional Qualifications
  • Proof of current employment: Employment letter, Pay slips, Tax Assessments
  • ACRA business profile and balance sheet of business for business owners
  • National service documents (if any)
  • Passport photos

If you are applying for your Singapore Citizenship as a family, you may include them in the same application IF they are already permanent residents. As the main applicant, you will be the sponsor for your spouse and/or children together in one application. Your spouse’s required documents will be the same as the above, and your child(ren)’s required documents will be the birth certificate, passport and PR certificate.

Here is a list of supporting documents which can be beneficial to your Singapore Citizenship application as well:

  • Cover and recommendation letters
  • Title deeds of properties you own in Singapore
  • Proof of financial assets

Get in touch with us and we will help you with the cover and recommendation letters. The main idea here is to prove that granting you and your family Singapore citizenship status will add value and bring benefit to Singapore.

3. Online Application

Once all your documents are in order, you will need to make your submission online via the e-SC (Electronic Singapore Citizenship Application). You will have to login through SingPass.

After the online submission, you will need to select a date to submit your application in person at ICA via the online appointment booking system.

From 1st June 2016 onwards, ICA will not entertain any walk-in applications. Every application will need to be via appointment only.

Do note that a non-refundable fee of S$100 is payable to ICA for each application. If successful, there will be an additional fee of S$70 for your Singapore Citizenship Certificate, and a further S$10 fee for your pink National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) for those above 15 year old.

4. Application Status

To check on the status of Singapore citizenship application, you may visit the link provided below:

The Singapore citizenship application processing time can take around 6 – 12 months. So don’t hold your breath on that. You will also be notified of the application result by post. Alternatively, you can also enquire via email or call the ICA office to enquire on the status of Singapore citizenship application. But don’t get anxious. Just be sure to check from time to time, or wait for your letter to arrive.

If you have received an approval on your application, you will need to do an oath taking that is described in step 5 below!

5. Oath Taking

Once you have received your letter of approval, you will be required to take the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty (ORAL). You will see the details of your appointment for the oath taking event in the letter, along with a list of required documents that you will need to bring along.

Here is a list of the documents that are generally required:

  • Renunciation Letter of foreign citizenship – copy and original.
  • Your PR card (Blue NRIC)
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Any other documents stated in the approval letter

In order to obtain the Renunciation Letter of foreign citizenship, you will need to visit your embassy to give up your current citizenship. In most cases, the embassy will accept a sworn statement renouncing your citizenship, after which it will be sent to the relevant authority to be processed and finalized. This process can take around 1 – 12 months, varying from country to country. Once finalized, you will receive an official certificate as confirmation of your foreign citizenship renunciation.

In the meantime, most embassies should be able to provide you immediately with an official letter to acknowledge your submission for citizenship renunciation, which will serve as the Renunciation Letter. However, after you have received your official Citizenship Renunciation certificate from your embassy, you are required to submit it to ICA.

At your oath taking event, an ICA officer will:

  • Collect and process your documents
  • Guide you to take the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty, and sign a few other documents
  • Process a S$70 fee for the issuance of your Singapore citizenship certificate
  • Furnish you with a temporary identity card

Upon completion of the above formalities, you may apply for your Singapore passport online as all Singapore passport applications are to be completed electronically.

Next you will need to attend a Singapore Citizenship ceremony explained in step 6 below.

6. Citizenship Ceremony

About 3-4 months after your oath taking event, you will receive a letter inviting you to attend a Citizenship Ceremony, usually at a local community centre nearest to your area of residence. The ceremony is to welcome and initiate new Singapore citizens like yourself. Unless the new citizen is an infant, aged or handicapped, attendance is compulsory. This will be a group event where all the new Singapore citizens in your area will be present. You will be required to bring along the following documents:

  • The invitation letter
  • Your temporary identity card

The ceremony will last for about 2 hours, and will usually be graced by a Minister and a local Member of Parliament. These are what you can expect:

  • Speech by the Guest-of-Honour
  • Recitation of the Singapore national pledge
  • Singing of the Singapore national anthem
  • Presentation of citizenship certificates and identity cards (NRIC)
  • Group photoshoot
  • Buffet reception

And.. congratulations! After the ceremony, you will be recognized as a full-fledged Singapore citizen.

Benefits of Becoming a Singapore Citizen

Having been a Singapore PR and enjoying its benefits, it is natural to wonder about the benefits of becoming a Singapore citizen. Here we will list out the additional benefits that you can enjoy as a Singapore citizen as compared to being a permanent resident.

  • Travel ease and freedom with Singapore passport
  • Subsidized housing
  • Subsidized education schemes
  • Subsidized healthcare
  • Election rights
  • Parenthood incentives
  • Additional tax reliefs
  • Easy access to business loans

Here are some additional points to note as well:

  • National service obligations
  • No dual citizenship

If you are applying for your family members and you have a son who is under 21 years old, it is important to note that under the Enlistment Act, he will be required to serve 2 years of National Service (NS). After completing full-time national service, he will also be required to go for Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) for up to 40 days per year for the duration of his ORNS training cycle till the age of 50 years (for officers) or 40 years (for other ranks).

While it is not against the law in Singapore to hold dual citizenships, Singapore reserves the right to revoke your citizenship in the event that it is realized. Singapore citizenship dual with another country is not allowed if you are a foreigner obtaining the Singapore citizenship. You will be required to give up your current citizenship. But if you are a Singaporean who has obtained a second citizenship, then technically it is not illegal, but you may run the risk of having your Singapore citizenship revoked.

General FAQ

Each application for Singapore citizenship usually takes around 6 to 12 months to process. For children who are born overseas, and either parent is a Singapore citizen, the application will take about 2 to 3 months to process. Note that some applications may take a longer time to process.

Most will say that it is not easy to get citizenship in Singapore – and they are right. The criteria to be eligible is stringent, and the process can be long and tedious. Generally, you will need to be a Singapore PR for at least 2 years before you can even apply for citizenship.

This only applies to children who are born overseas and either parent is a Singapore citizen. The application must be made before the child’s first birthday. Visit the ICA website to get the required documents list and submit the application online.

While the ICA does not provide you with any reasons for the rejection, there are some of the usual suspected reasons for a rejection – your financial status, your history and track record as a Singapore PR, and/or no evident contributions to Singapore.

Yes. The Singapore government reserves the right to revoke your citizenhip at any point in time. One of the main reasons that citizenships are revoked are due to false information or documents during the application. So please remember to be truthful in your application as you might end up being stateless due to this.