Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

The Foreign Artistic Talents Scheme (ForArts) was introduced in 1991 and is jointly administered by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the National Arts Council (NAC).

It is meant for outstanding international arts professionals keen on obtaining Singapore permanent residency, in recognition of their cultural significance and contribution.

The scheme aims to enable committed and talented arts professionals to play a critical role in advancing the arts and cultural landscape in Singapore through the deepened engagement with local communities, and contribution to the diversity of expertise.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for Singapore PR status under the ForArts Scheme, applicants must meet all of the follow criteria:

  • Possess relevant training/education in their field of practice
  • Possess relevant professional experience, with outstanding achievements, in the field of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Design and/or Media
  • Have made significant contributions to Singapore’s arts and cultural scene, including a strong track record of local engagements at leadership level
  • Have concrete future plans to be involved in Singapore’s arts and cultural sector

Please note that ForArts is an extremely selective scheme. For you to be considered favourably for support from the NAC in your PR application, you will need to showcase your ability and commitment to contribute to the advancement of the local arts scene, in terms of the relevance and depth of their professional experience and achievements. This includes proven contribution to the Singapore arts and cultural scene to date, which demonstrates the positive value and possible leadership the applicant has.

If you have been working with an arts and cultural organisation in Singapore, it can help your application as it shows that you have a record of local engagements, but ultimately it is up to the NAC to make a holistic assessment and find if you are eligible.

In addition to these qualities, assessment of the ForArts application will also be based on their potential to meaningfully engage local communities, demonstrate good character and their ability to be a role model for their peers.

Application Process

Before the application is submitted towards ICA for final approval, the NAC first takes up to 3 months to assess your application. You may be contacted by NAC to submit additional documents for further assessment.

Once the NAC has decided to support your PR application, you will be notified and you will need to prepare and submit all other additional documents required for ICA’s PR application.

Finally, your application will be submitted towards ICA with the NAC’s recommendation under the ForArts Scheme.

Note that obtaining support from the NAC under the ForArts Scheme does not guarantee your PR status as ICA is the final authority for all PR applications and may still reject your application.

To apply, submit the completed Application Form with a copy of your CV to any of the NAC managers listed below by email or post to the relevant addresses listed on NAC’s website.